Jack Radics Sells 1.8 Million Copies In 2 Weeks, Premieres ‘Do It Again’

Radics is a distinguished Band Leader, Solo Artist, Songwriter, and Music Producer/Arranger. Besides collaborating with a phenomenal list of prominent musicians and producers, he is also credited with sculpting the vanguard of a bright and new foray into a merging of Soul, Pop and Reggae- he calls Rhythm & Pop – a historical event!

Jack Radics spearheads a group of artists who combine the variants of Reggae and other genres, and who have gone on to excel on the international stage.

Radics’ solo album, Radical was released in 1991. There have since been more than another dozen albums and over 380 singles releases on various labels, including 1994’s Open Rebuke, which Black music Magazine nominated as ‘Best Reggae Album of the Year.’

Radics- together with fellow Jamaican artists Chaka Demus and Pliers- landed his first no. 1 hit, Twist and Shout, in 1993.Radics’ reggae version of that popular song, originally recorded by The Isley Brothers and made famous by the Beatles, attained platinum status within two weeks of its release and earned Jack a  place in the Guinness Book of World  Records, as the fastest selling Reggae remake/cover of all time.

Jack Radics has recently partnered with Amada Records out of Atlanta to promote “Do It Again”