7 High-End Skate & Surfboards For Serious Collectors


You may recall our recent coverage of a particularly flex-worthy skateboard and surfboard from none other than Chanel. The boards – priced at $7,700 and $8,900 respectively – were made from lacquered wood, shiny glass, and aluminum, and featured the late Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic interlocking Cs. But Chanel isn’t the only brand with high-end boards to gawk in amazement at.

Whether you’re looking to flex on the waves or at your local skate park, or you’re simply looking to blow some cash on an insane collector’s piece, there are plenty of ways to invest in this sphere.

From French erotic illustrator Petites Luxures – who released a limited series of three skateboards featuring the artist’s “The 3 Graces” print, paying homage to Greek goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite– to Diptych Surfboards, who designed two surfboards with a print of François Boucher’s “The Triumph of Venus” painting from 1740, an even more limited edition of only 10 sets. What’s more, the latter designs are hand-made in France, coming with hooks to hang them on your wall if you’re too scared to scuff a $3,780 board out at sea.

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This Artist Sold His Knockoff Supreme Skateboard for $20,000


Artnet News reports that British artist Adrian Wilson recently sold the “world’s most expensive skateboard” on eBay for $20,000. The Supreme Mundi board features a detailed knockoff version of the Supreme logo on a wooden artist palette with wheels underneath.

“This isn’t just a usable novelty skateboard,” he said in a statement. “This is a commentary on the 500 year wide artistic and financial hypebubble we are in right now.”

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Levi’s Is Reviving Its Popular Engineered Jeans Collection From the ‘90s


Whether it’s the brand’s hard wearing denim products or its latest wearable tech innovation, Levi’s® remains as reliable as ever as we kick off 2019. For its latest foray, Levi’s® has put a modern twist on a classic for a ‘90s revival worth talking about.

Levi’s® first announced the reintroduced of its iconic Engineered Jeans™ with an invite-only pop-up at the Being Haunted Space in Berlin just this week. Transformed into a studio and showroom, the space showcased the various jean and jacket cuts from the Engineered Jeans™ range. Guests were given the opportunity to try the pieces on with street-style photographer Soren Jepsen on hand to shoot their look.

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The 5 Best Sneaker Apps to Stay on Top of Every Drop in 2019


With streetwear more ingrained in the mainstream than ever, sneaker bots and add-to-cart programs notoriously dominating drops, and an uber-competitive resale market, sneaker shopping in 2019 is not as straightforward as it once was.

While plenty of brick and mortar stores have prevailed, mobile sneaker shopping and shoe apps have increasingly become the place to go to obtain even the most coveted releases, like OFF-WHITE’s “The Ten” Nike collection via Nike SNKRS, for example.

The sneaker apps you use can make all the difference when it comes to copping the kicks you want. So check out which of the most popular sneaker apps are the best in the field, and stay ahead of every drop you’re excited about in 2019.

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