Worldwide Music Group’s New Compilation Peaks at #1 On iTunes and Amazon

This EP premieres tracks from one of Amada Records/SS Global’s award winning producer and rapper, Faided, who produced and featured the two dirty south legends, Oscar Winning long-time member of “Three 6 Mafia” Crunchy Black & Project Pat, the older brother of Juicy J & Co-Founder of Three 6 Mafia.

The CEO, DJ Choice of Amada Records and COO of Amada Records/CEO of SS Global, Tiffany Gaines, agreed to add three new artists to the World Hip Hop compilation to help compliment the project as a whole.

From the undeniable dynamic intro by Artist King Kihei leading the piece into that dirty south “Three 6 Mafia” type cadence and vibe, to Jon Blaze’s expressive rendition ending with Daygo Smoove’s surreal words to complete the piece in its entirety. Listen & stream here.

Gina DiGiorgio Signs Distribution Deal, Tops Amazon's Music Chart In 1 Week

Gina DiGiorgio is the latest pop star signed to the label Predicted Platinum Records (a sub label under Amada Records/UMG Distribution) along with the help of Beatbopper Music & DJ Choice. Gina is an award winning electro-pop artist based out of Los Angeles.

“Instagram is a life saver” states Beatbopper Owner Michael Hudgins. On a daily basis I look for talented artists on social media platforms and ran across Gina. Her voice captured my interest so I called her and here we are today working on two songs of hers called “So Original” & “Deserve Better”. Our team of producers like GripBeats & MicJayMixedit will be finalizing these 2 albums soon.

Gina has a wide range of talents in modeling and dancing. She also has experience in major roles like Superstar Parade, Holiday Parade and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.

Gina is featured on Predicted Platinum Records compilation album ‘World Rhythms, Vol. 1’ which debuted #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases & Best Sellers Chart this week. “We see nothing but success for Gina“ states DJ Choice of Predicted Platinum Records. “The key to Gina’s success is getting the average listener to buy into her and we do this by smart marketing. Introducing her on many platforms like Hush Media Networks, Beatbopper Music Group, NBC, Fox, ABC, VIP Recordings, POWER 107.9, The DJ Grid Network and many more.”

Recently, Gina won the “Best Emerging Female Artist of the Year” at the Indie Music Channel Awards held at The Grammy Museum in LA. Gina kicked off her 2019 European and US tour in June which stopped in London, Paris, Frankfurt and more. Follow her on social media for dates and tickets.  Her music is also available on iTunes and on all streaming platforms via VIP Recordings.

Reel LuKa Hits #4 On iTunes Charts With New Release

We spoke to upcoming recording artist Reel LuKa about his passion of the music industry. Here’s what he had to say… “Making music is my passion, every song that I make is a depiction of feelings and emotion. However the lyrics I choose to use aren’t meant to be taken literally, they are meant to convey feelings. My favorite part about music is how songs can have such a different impact on every person that listens. Creating, cultivating, producing, with passion and desire, coupled with ambition and desire, creates fire.”

Track Name: ‘Coming Next’ – Follow Him On Social Media – Twitter @LukaReel | Instagram @Reel_Luka | iTunes/Apple Music:

Here’s Why ‘Present’ By Christine Storm Fits In With This Hit Reggae Album


National recording artist Christine Storm has performed throughout the world, has been a prolific songwriter, and continues to tap into her wide range of life experiences for her music. Christine’s influences range from Alice Cooper to Blood, Sweat, and Tears, all the way across the spectrum to Kate Bush and Prince. Her sound has been described as an eclectic blend of Soul and Techno dance with melodies that are Pop driven. Many of her songs tell a story and confront real life feelings and attitudes, but with a humorous touch in many cases. “I would describe myself as sarcastic and eclectic! I love the escapism of music and how it can change the mood of a person, but at the same time, be so damn fun,” states Christine.

She has a devout appreciation for the genre and most importantly, the people and cultural traditions that encumber the world of Reggae music as a whole. She’s not your average depiction of a Reggae artist however uses her sincerity and love for God and of course Bob Marley, one of Reggae’s most prominently recognized Ambassadors who won the hearts of Reggae fans through his music and words, as a stepping stone to creating the song “Present” which features on The Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica (Deluxe Edition). As soon as she heard some of the names listed on the album, she jumped at the opportunity and hopes the message of the song itself touches the hearts of the listeners as much as it does her’s. For a full visual, check out the music video here.