World Hip Hop Unleashed

Worldwide Music Group’s New Compilation Peaks at #1 On iTunes and Amazon

This EP premieres tracks from one of Amada Records/SS Global’s award winning producer and rapper, Faided, who produced and featured the two dirty south legends, Oscar Winning long-time member of “Three 6 Mafia” Crunchy Black & Project Pat, the older brother of Juicy J & Co-Founder of Three 6 Mafia.

The CEO, DJ Choice of Amada Records and COO of Amada Records/CEO of SS Global, Tiffany Gaines, agreed to add three new artists to the World Hip Hop compilation to help compliment the project as a whole.

From the undeniable dynamic intro by Artist King Kihei leading the piece into that dirty south “Three 6 Mafia” type cadence and vibe, to Jon Blaze’s expressive rendition ending with Daygo Smoove’s surreal words to complete the piece in its entirety. Listen & stream here.