J. Prince Puts Out the Call to Find YBN Almighty Jay's Attackers & Return His Rap-A-Lot Chain


Over the weekend (March 8), YBN Almighty Jay was jumped in a brutal altercation while roaming the streets of NYC. Jay, who was hospitalized as a result of his injuries, was also robbed of several valuables including his Rap-A-Lot Records chain, which is now reportedly being passed around the boroughs. Rap-A-Lot ceo J. Prince posted a PSA Monday (March 11), calling out the alleged attackers by name to return Jay's chains before things get taken to the next level.

"Mob Ties Call To My Real Street N----s Around The World But Especially On The East Coast In The Bronx. There’s A Clown By The Name Of Zae And His Crew Who Want To Become Famous By Bragging About Robbing Rap Industry N----s," he wrote. "They Recently Bragged About Robbing The Artist YBN Almighty Jay Whom I’m Invested In. They’ve Robbed Him Of His Money And Jewelry Including A Rap-A-Lot Piece. So Therefore They Have Robbed A Piece Of Me."

Prince then summoned a few NYC natives to get in contact with the robbers to help squash the beef. "This Is A Perfect Opportunity To Execute Our Unity Where We Don’t Allow Moment Thinkers To Muddy The Water Over The Movement. With That Being Said To The Homies In The Bronx If Any Of These Clowns Are Yall’s Family Or Friends Speak Now So We Can Get An Understanding. To Ignore This Is A Recipe For Disaster. Other Than That It’s These Clowns Vs The Realest N----s In Every Hood Around The World And That’s The Meaning Of Mob Ties," he concluded.

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