Can Someone Tell Us Why R. Kelly Has Only $625 to His Name

As R. Kelly continues dodging responsibility for the years of sexual abuse allegationsagainst him, he’s also swerving around his financial obligations. His lawyer admitted at a hearing that Kelly’s finances were “a mess,” so much so that the disgraced R&B singer needed a friend to bail him out of jail. Now, new court documents from yet another case against Kelly have revealed just how dire his monetary situation is.

In addition to owing $160,000 in child support (which he’s since paid, again with the help of a friend), Kelly was sued by the landlord of his Chicago studio (the warehouse location out of where his so-called “sex cult” was based) for over $200,000 in back rent. The landlord won a $173,000 judgement, which triggered Kelly’s creditor, Midwest Commercial Funding, to seize some of Kelly’s bank accounts, as well as issue subpoenas to Sony; the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers; and Kelly’s other banks to see where they could recoup their losses.

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